Hannes Dufek

Hannes Dufek (c) Igor Ripak
(c) Igor Ripak


Genre(s): Contemporary Music
From: Vienna, Austria
Contact: hannes_dufek@gmx.net
Website: www.hannesdufek.com/



Hannes Dufek, born in Vienna in 1984, started learning piano early in his life and received lessons in playing recorder and singing. Later, he also took guitar lessons and his first lessons in counterpoint and harmony. Early original musical activities include, in particular, piano and guitar improvisations. He also founded an alternative rock band and an electronica/improvisation duo. At the age of 17, he wrote down his first compositions. After finishing school, he took up philosophy studies, which he interrupted in 2005 in order to study music. In 2006, Dufek founded the Association “Platypus” in cooperation with Fernando Riederer and Christoph W. Breidler. The association’s first project, The Composers’ Marathon, which was presented to the public in May 2007 for the first time, got underway in 2006/2007. Hannes Dufek is busy with composing and concerts and he lives and works in Vienna. Continuous collaboration with various artists and keen interest in cross-media concepts and projects. In addition to the compositional work continuously organization, planning and implementation of his own as well as of Platypus-projects.


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