Irene Kepl

(c) Matthias Halibrand


Genre(s): Contemporary Music, Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria



Violinist and composer Irene Kepl studied classical violin and jazz in Linz and she now lives in Vienna. Her work focuses primarily on contemporary classical music, free improvisation and composition but also includes Jazz and groove based music. Further work includes commissions for theater, film and sound installations.

CD releases include original compositions by her and free improvised contemporary music, for example with the Duo Irene Kepl – Violin & Mark Holub – Drums/SLAM records UK, Trio resonators/Another Timbre UK (with George Cremaschi and Petr Vrba) and as a Soloist at “SololoS”/FOU records FR, and caused high international recognition. The Debut Album of her string quartet Violet Spin, skating the boundaries between Jazz, Groove, Song Form, Contemporary Music and Noise, will be released on 26th of March 2018 with UNIT records/CH, further releases include more contemporary music by her with the Ensemble Verso, released at zeromoon records/USA, and another Solo-Release at SoundOut/AU. She´s a member of many more projects like Trio FAQs (with Dirk Marwedel and Uwe Oberg), U & I (with Dancer Ursina Tossi/D), NYX (with Carl Ludwig Hübsch) and KLM (with Joe McPhee and Paul Lovens).


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