Jon Sass

Jon Sass (c) Vera Schüller
Jon Sass (c) Vera Schüller


Genre(s): Classical Music, Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria



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As a widely celebrated tubist, Jon Sass is widely recognized today as a versatile Groove Master. Born in New York City, Jon is at home with R&B soul jazz as well as with classical music. With his truly unique career and soulfully penetrating sound, Jon Sass has made an impact on the jazz and classical world globally. Since 1995, Jon Sass has established himself as a solo artist featured with groups such as several European radio Big-bands, Symphonic Wind Ensembles to Vienna Chamber Orchestra, and in featured events. Jon has giving workshops based on his creative concepts. Jon was featured with artists such as Ivan Neville, Vince Mendoza, Peter Wolf, Wolfgang Puschnig, Dave Taylor, Arkady Shilkloper and Millagros Pinera.

Jon plays with musicians throughout Europe, Asia to North and South America from chamber ensembles with Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic musicians to Ricky Ford, Erika Stucky, Hazmat Modine,HenryThreadgill, Bobby Shew, Ray Anderson, Michelle Rosewoman, David Murray, Sunny Murray, Butch Morris,James Spaulding,Leon Thomas, Peter Erskine, Frank Foster, Linda Tillery and the Heritage Cultural Choir, Howard Johnson, Heavy Tuba and Jon Sass and Vienna Art Orchestra.

He tours regularly, composes and has developed “Creative Impulse” which is an important source for creative motivation which is used in workshops, play along books from Editions BIM and TMV records. He has progressively developed his solo voice on the tuba which can be heard amongst 90 recordings. “You sound mighty good on that tuba!” (James Brown)



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