Jörg Leichtfried

photo of Jörg Leichtfried by Jazz at Carthage Jazz Festival
Jörg Leichtfried (c) Jazz at Carthage Jazz Festival


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria
Contact: contact@joerg-leichtfried.com
Website: www.joerg-leichtfried.com



Jörg Leichtfried is a pianist and composer, based in Vienna, Austria. He is a lecturer for piano at JAM MUSIC LAB Private University, Vienna.

Leichtfried has or has had musical cooperations with (selection): Wolfgang Puschnig, Hans Strasser, Michael Erian, Cameron Brown, Klemens Marktl, Stefan Pista Bartus, Hubert Bründlmayer, Dominik Fuss, Bertl Mayer, Hans Salomon, Klaus Dickbauer, Alexander Wladigeroff, Georg Buxhofer, Daniel Aebi, Piotr Baron, Andy Middleton


5 Million Pesos: Duo Fuss/Leichtfried

photo of Duo Fuss Leichtfried (c) Karin Hackl

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