Kid Pex

(c) Amel Topcagic


Genre(s): Hip Hop
From: Vienna, Austria



Since 2005 the Viennese rapper with Croatian roots has been making the stages unsafe at home and abroad. The “Jugoslawiener” (Yugoslav Viennese) Kid Pex has become an institution with his “Tschuschenrap” over the years and is now probably one of the most famous names in the local hip-hop scene. 

However, he stands not only for the migrant in hip hop, but also for the common political rebellion against the right-wing-populism in Austria. He repeatedly raps at demonstrations, rallies and is invited to political TV discussion shows. In any case, his political singles caused quite many shitstorms: the right-wing politicians Norbert Hofer tweeted against him, his colleague Ursula Stenzel described him as “cruel” and the singer Andreas Gabalier even called the police and lawyers because of his rhyming art. No wonder that “Drahdiwaberl” and Falco band member Bernhard Rabitsch called him “Stefan Weber of rap“, comparing him with his former band leader who had a offensive political style in his anarcho-punk-rock-music, beginning his history in 1968.

For some he is the “left-wing enfant terrible” of the Austrian hip-hop scene, for others a loyal comrade, homie and rebel.

In 2020, Kid Pex was awarded the Ute Bock Prize for moral courage for his commitment as the founder of SOS Balkanroute. In 2021, a jury of 600 people from politics, sport, culture and business voted him “Personality of the Year” at the Vienna Integration Weeks because of his tireless commitment to refugees along the EU’s external borders.


“A lot of my inner soul comes out in the tracks” – KID PEX

Kid Pex (c) David Pichler

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