Kimyan Law

Kimyan Law
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Kimyan Law belongs to the African Diaspora. The son of a Congolese father and Austrian mother, he resides in Vienna, unable to return to his homeland due to the devastating Congolese Civil War.

Having its roots in Drum & Bass, the music flies far beyond the confines of that often-formulaic genre, expanding sonic ranges and disrupting standard arrangements. Kimyan Law incorporates African instruments and influences into his set up, achieving a rare organic and human quality amongst the cold electronics. Glittering cascades of tuned percussion are expertly weaved into layers of state-of-the-art bass and the result is a stunning, future/primitive array of romantic and cinematic music that, with its sheer humanity, seduces everyone who experiences it.


“It’s part of my identity” – KIMYAN LAW

Kimyan Law

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