Klangforum Wien

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Klangforum Wien enjoys a reputation as the flagship among contemporary music ensembles from Austria. Founded in 1985 by Beat Furrer, who to this day remains associated with the ensemble as a conductor and composer, it has won international acclaim in recent decades. The 24-member soloist ensemble has a considerable track record. With premieres of over 500 compositions, the Klangforum Wien is a major proponent of contemporary music. One of its recipes for success is that unlike in other ensembles, it is not the director alone who selects the programme, but also the musicians themselves, represented by a changing team of programmers. Their active involvement in the repertoire choice and their intense understanding of the pieces contribute to the diversity. The ensemble’s experience is reflected in their perfect execution of the pieces.


Discussion: Composition and Interpretation – Klangforum Wien

On February 13, 2019 the renowned ensemble Klangforum Wien invites for a public rehearsal followed by a discussion hosted by Doris Weberberger (mica – music austria / Austrian Music Export). Discussion: Composition and Interpretation On … read more »

Klangforum Wien: Symposion

Symposion. An Intoxication in Eight Divisions: Slowly and gracefully the ancients in antiquity got drunk. Klangforum Wien first premiered with Symposium in 2001 which is still present on international programmes. The basic idea of the … read more »


Two years ago Lorenzo Troiani won the impuls composition award. His new work “We are Destroyed” will be premiered by the Klangforum at the opening of this years impuls festival. Reason enough to ask Troiani, who inspects … read more »