Lukas Koenig. Portraitfoto © Lukas Gansterer


Genre(s): Electronic, Hip Hop
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: phil@beefdiaper.com
Label: www.laubrecords.com/
Website: koenig.bandcamp.com/



Lukas König’s solo project Kœnig  has turned away from classical jazz structures to concentrate more on rap, bass synthesizers, noise and choirs. His interest in working with drums and synthesizers and the genre mix of pop, hip hop, Gamelan and Gnawa has given him yet another chance to prove that his reputation for the fusion of different music styles and acoustic variety is well deserved. Kœnig already supported Bilderbuch on their “Schick Schock”-tour in 2015. Now he is often touring with them. He also joined Bilderbuch as second drummer at their biggest events, two Open-Air-Concerts at Schloss Schönbrunn .

Lukas König is also a member of the Jazzwerkstatt collective Kompost 3and the drummer of the supertroup 5K HDLukas König, who debuted as a composer with the renowned Klangforum Wien in 2018, is a seasoned improvisor on the drum-kit and collaborated with many great artists from Jazz to the world of New Music. In 2019 he is Artist in Residence at the 40th International Jazzfestival Saalfelden.


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