Kreisky (c) Ingo Pertramer
Kreisky (c) Ingo Pertramer


Founded in Vienna in 2005, the Austrian band Kreisky have released five acclaimed albums so far. The band occupies a special position in the German-speaking area, owing to their distinct, heavy and yet playful music, to singer Franz Adrian Wenzl’s trenchant lyrics and not least to their formidable music videos. On top of that, they are renowned for their uncompromising and powerful live shows. These are displays of noise, loudness and entertainment and no small number of people have been left blown away by their concerts. Kreisky are considered one of the most important and most influential Austrian bands of the last years.

The band ´s latest album “Blitz” (Wohnzimmer Records, 2018) is a logical continuation of previous observations of social processes, combined with a lot of humour, bizarreness and – not to forget – pop.  “Blitz” was produced by no less than Alex Tomann, who once produced “Schick Schock” by BILDERBUCH together with Zebo Adam and can thus call himself the protagonist of Austrian hipness since 2015.



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Kreisky (c) Ingo Pertramer

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