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The Viennese quintet KVIN knows how to use the musically unpredictable in a suspenseful and incredibly artistic way. Philipp Kienberger (double bass), Raphael Kasprian (violin), Emily Stewart (viola), Cornelia Perwein (cello) and Tatjana Wurzer (piano) take a refreshing break from the familiar. In their pieces they make a successful attempt at a reinterpretation of the term “crossover”. Musically, the quintet travels through a wide field that begins in classical music, crosses modern and free jazz and chamber music, and after short excursions into pop music finally ends up in new music.

The sound KVIN produce is highly idiosyncratic, capable of filling the room and developing its very own life. In April 2018 KVIN released its debut album “Es kann nicht lösen der Mensch…” on the Viennese Label Freifeld Tontraeger.


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