photo of Lahra by Amelie Strobl
Lahra (c) Amelie Strobl


Born and raised in Austria, the seventeen year old voice with eastern European roots named Lahra, combines melodic avant-garde pop elements layered over house influenced instrumental structures that nearly succeed in making crying on the dance floor somehow aesthetically pleasing. Influenced by the bloom of her youth and thus the era of coalescing aesthetic movements, Lahra creates a musical spectrum ranging from danceable ballads to more urban crossovers with genres such as HipHop and RnB. Her debut single “Where I’ll go” thematises much of the unknown, the moments in life that for some reason make us question ourselves as a whole. Those things seem much more digestible when Lahra’s soft voice tells us: “Do you know where I’ll go? To see the light.” With these words the instrumental soaks us into a metaphorical car drive facing the last minutes of the sunset covering the seemingly endless road with the deepish red that makes our faces glow, warming up our bodies for the journey to something which can be considered as one of these unknown territories. Ourselves.


Female artists from Austria

Female Artists from Austria

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