Leyya © Meyrem Bulucek


How urban and cosmopolitan their music might sound, LEYYA actually hail from a small village in the Upper Austrian countryside. Marco Kleebauer and Sophie Lindinger left early musical projects behind to form LEYYA in 2014 and immediately got a lot of attention. Enthusing the crowds in October 2014 at the Austrian showcase festival Waves Vienna, the two musicians were shortly after validated as the new hotshots in town: Radio FM4 Soundpark act of the month, #6 in the German Campus Airplay Charts, #4 in the Austrian Indie Charts, and #29 in the iTunes Charts.

International success followed swiftly with the release of Superego in spring 2015, along with airplay all over Europe and placements on TV and commercials. Their unique mix of melancholy and electronic beats won them the prestigious FM4 Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. After playing renowned festivals like Reeperbahn Festival, Eurosonic, Iceland Airwaves and The Great Escape, LEYYA released their sophomore album “Sauna” on January 26, 2018 on +1 Records.


Interview with MARCO KLEEBAUER

Marco Kleebauer (c) Benji Agostini

MARCO KLEEBAUER recorded his first solo album under his own name, “Magnolia” (Minor Changes), partly between his work as producer for BILDERBUCH and OEHL. The fact that he finds time to produce award-winning albums and … read more »

Interview w/ Sophie Lindinger (My Ugly Clementine, Leyya)

Sophie Lindinger (c) Max Hartmann

MY UGLY CLEMENTINE came out of nowhere. “Never Be Yours” had urgency, it had elegance, groove, and a chorus to howl along to. The people involved – MIRA LU KOVACS, BARBARA JUNGREITHMEIER, KATHRIN KOLLERITSCH and … read more »

Austrian Heartbeats at Westway Lab, Portugal

Westway LAB Festival 2018, Banner

Austrian Heartbeats at Westway LAB Festival, 2018 Guimarães/ Portugal: At the 5th edition of the Portuguese Westway Lab Festival, the Austrian music scene is in focus: AVEC, CARI CARI, MOLLY, MOTSA, and LEYYA have been … read more »