Lou Asril

Lou Asril by Alex Gotter
Lou Asril (c) Alex Gotter


Genre(s): Pop
From: Upper Austria, Austria
Management: david@matchesmusic.at
Booking: corinna@arcadia-live.com
Website: www.louasril.com/



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An unmistakable style that reflects the spirit of the times and seeks to evolve with it – this is what characterizes Lou Asril’s music from the very first moment. The basis for his musicality is a classical piano education and early stage performances, culminating in the winning of the prestigious Joe Zawinul Award at the age of 17. His first single – DIVINE GOLDMINE – was released in 2019, catapulted straight to #1 in the charts, and brought him prominent playlist placements as well as award nominations (Best Alternative at the AAMA, FM4 Award). Collaborations with producer AgaJon (BERLIN, PRETTY CITY), sound artist Zebo Adam (HEAVEN), a highly acclaimed live performance at the Austrian Amadeus Music Awards, as well as further live performances (Glatt&Verkehrt Festival, poolbar Festival, and many more) followed.
Numerous styles have found their way into his work so far: In addition to initially predominant soul & RnB, pop, hip-hop and electronic music are strong influences which still allow him to explore his own style and to develop in various directions.
In the creation of the current EP RETROMIX21, Lou Asril has outgrown what he calls the “younger, more restrained” image of the soul artist, leaning more into his electronic music inclinations and incorporating elements from hip-hop to rap. His tone becomes sharper, the melodies edgier, the sound bolder and the topics addressed marked by a greater sensitivity.
Where the journey goes from here is unclear. But in his work, Lou Asril increasingly sketches the mystery that is him, and gives us his music as a possible key to the enigma in which he wraps himself.


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