Lou Asril

Lou Asril (c) TIm Cavadini
Lou Asril (c) TIm Cavadini


It is said to choose your superlatives wisely. However, leaving them out, describing Soul & RnB Wizkid LOU ASRIL is close to impossible. He might still be a teenager, but manages to extract the Soul in his voice exactly from where it lies within – in between a fast pumping heart, and a tingly feeling stomach, leaving us both breathless and tongue – tied.

Starting a classic piano education at 11, he formed a band at 15 and began performing his songs right around this time. At 17 he won the Joe Zawinul Award, landing him a spot in a songwriting sessions in Los Angeles. 2019 brings his first public offering „Divine Gold mine “ as well as a definite start to his live career, conquering the stages with his groovy, velvety sounds that draw inspiration from acts like Solange, The Weeknd or Drake.



Lou Asril (c) Tim Cavadini

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“That’s real” – an interview with Lou Asril

LLou Asril (c) Laurenz Hintermayer

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