Maja Osojnik

Maja Osojnik (c) Sabine Pichler


Genre(s): Contemporary Music
From: Vienna, Austria



Date City Venue Country
19. Nov. 2021 Berlin Ausland Germany
Time: 12:00am.
20. Nov. 2021 Stuttgart Theater Rampe Germany
Time: 12:00am.


Maja, 1976 born in Slovenia, lives and works in Vienna, Austria as a singer, composer, improvising electroacoustic musician and sound artist, mostly using voice, paetzold bass recorders, own field recordings, DJ-CD, tapes and other lo-fi electronic devices, toys, trash and found objects.

Maja made a name for herself in different musical fields, such as early music, contemporary, experimental, jazz, free improvisation, sound art and heavier music. She composed music for theater, dance, animation movies, film, silent film and diverse ensembles and wrote Lyrics/Texts for different Projects such as Maja Osojnik Band, Broken.Heart.Collector and Rdeča Raketa. She gave Workshops in improvised Music in Austria, Slovenia and Korea. She founded Maja’s Musik Markt and co-organised the 7th Viennese Soulfood Festival in 2013.

She has recorded many music productions and is giving concerts in renowned festivals and clubs all over Europe as a co-founder of different Formations, among them Broken.Heart.Collector, Rdeča Raketa, frufru, Ensemble MIKADO, Low Frequency Orchestra, Subshrubs, Watschen Institut, and more.


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