Kerer, Manuela

Manuela Kerer, Portraitfoto © Nafez Rerhuf
Manuela Kerer © Nafez Rerhuf


Genre(s): Contemporary Music
From: Tyrol, Austria



Manuela Kerer is an Italian composer currently living in Innsbruck, who grew up in Südtirol with German as her mother tongue. Although she managed to accomplish completed studies in composition, psychology, law and violin, nothing grips her heart like music, so she is currently dedicating more and more of her time to composition.  Her dynamic approach, which draws quirky influences from her multi-faceted career is strongly evident in her composition palette where she draws as freely from neuropsychological processes as from things that make her laugh. Manuela Kerer belongs to the youngest emerging generation of composers in Austria being born in Brixen, 1980.



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