Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener

Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener (c) Philip Kerber
Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener (c) Philip Kerber


The songs of Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener do many things: they dance, they cheer and jeer, they flatter and batter, rant and rave. They heat and they hurt. And what’s more and most of all: they surprise.

Music of the world translated to the sound of Vienna, the art of soulful singer-songwriting that has transcended the stilistic borders between the Wienerlied, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Waltz and Bossa Nova. Music that ­– much like Jazz and its offspring – has its roots in the 19th century, as heard in the Blues of Franz Schubert, to name but one of many examples. It is fragile as well as frail and often groovy as hell, giving it up for life and love. At times comedic, at other times singing its own praise, yet never sloppy or snorty. Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener celebrate the brilliance of language and its elaborate subtlety by putting it into song – Viennese World Music at its best.

On their third album “ummi zu dia” (Viennese dialect for “over to you” or “closer to you”),  Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener  dance more than ever! The artist’s excellent poetry holds a unique place in the increasingly wide field of pop music in Austrian dialect. Masterful in their linguistic expression, the songs capture the melancholic mood of the city of Vienna and fascinate listeners from the first sentence to the last sound. It is especially the female members of the foischn Wiener ensemble that use their instruments and voices to bolster Spengler’s sound. They include Marie Theres Stickler, the foremost virtuoso of the Viennese button accordion and Manuela Diem, one of the city’s most important new jazz and soul voices. Manuel Brunner, meanwhile, creates an exquisitely discreet groove on his bass.



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