Melt Downer

Melt Downer, Bandfoto, 2018 © Clemens Nestroy
Melt Downer, Bandfoto, 2018 © Clemens Nestroy


Genre(s): Rock/Metal
From: Vienna, Austria



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Wolfgang Möstl is always good for a few surprises. With his new project Melt Downer he presents a musical change of direction that is even more radical than anyone could have expected. Melt Downer is consisting of Wolfgang Möstl, Mario Zangl (both: Mile me deaf, Killed by 9V batteries) and  Florian Giessauf (Torso, Red Red Red, Das kleine deutsche Eck).

It was obvious from his previous projects that Wolfgang Möstl had a certain attraction to harder and noisier forms of rock. In that sense Melt Downer‘s same-titled debut album  could be seen as a return to his roots. But the uncompromising manner in which he and his colleagues Mario Zangl and Florian Giessauf power through the tracks has opened up an entirely new chapter in his musical history.

This is Wolfgang Möstl unchained. He has turned the hardness knob to 11 and created a sound so edgy and raw it will leave the fans of noise in a sweaty euphoria. The tracks, many of which quickly approach the heaviest forms of hardcore punk, deliver riffs that should blow more than a few minds.

The energy and aggression in these refreshingly inaccessible song-structures carry the listner away. Psychedelic and almost dreamy passages provide a breather, and always show up at just the right time to create perfectly suspenseful moments. Wolfgang Möstl and his band have created a truly fine musical statement.


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