Meretrio by Manuel Schaffernak
Meretrio (c) Manuel Schaffernak


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria



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Meretrio is a rare example of a real band! It is active since 2004 and fascinates by its continuous search for new musical paths, having already released nine very distinct albums that explore the musical connection between three Brazilian musicians.

In 2016 the Meretrio released “Óbvio” and received a four-star review from Downbeat Magazine and in 2019 the trio released two albums: “Passagem” featuring Heinrich von Kalnein on saxophone and flute, and the double album “Music for Small and Large Ensembles”.

The latest albums received great reviews and were named “Best Albums of the Year 2017” by Downbeat Magazine. Recently in 2021, Meretrio released a new album entirely dedicated to Brazilian music and focused on the genre “Choro”, a style that originated in Brazil in the 19th century and can be considered the first urban music in Brazil. This record was also nominated for the deutschen Schallplattenkritik and entered in the list “Best Albums of 2021” from Jazzthing.


Emiliano Sampaio  –  Guitar/Trombone
Luis Oliveiro           –   Drums
Gustavo Boni          –   Bass


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