MICKEY © Daniel Angermayr
MICKEY © Daniel Angermayr


Genre(s): Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: bettina.schoell@inkmusic.at
Label: inkmusic.at/
Booking: julia.scherz@inkmusic.at



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Mickey call their music survival pop. One can see limitation as a creative response to infinite digital possibilities. And Mickey aren´t taking themselves too seriously  and with this attitude the exactly catch the audience’s attention.

”This band has a bit of a Lady Gaga quirkiness, only cooler!“ Wienkonzert

On their debut album “Overtime“, Mickey are squatting pop music with an exceptional sound: fresh and new but very familiar nonetheless. True to the motto Anything-goes, they turn the sound of a car motor into a song in ”Drive“. The title song “Overtime“ discusses the big promises of our times: you can only make it, if you work long enough, hard enough and flexible enough. Facing and constantly overcoming your own limitations, is a red line through the whole album and contributes to its dense and tense atmosphere.

Mickey is Alex Konrad and  Klemens Wihlidal. In Spring 2018 they showcased at Sharpe – Music Festival (SK), followed by open-air concerts at Donaukanaltreiben. They have been nominated for the 2nd XA – Music Export Award, showcased at Waves Vienna and at this year´s MENT Ljubljana. In an artistic hipster manner mixed with thrash culture Mickey presented “Chagall” at the beginning of this year. Let’s see where the powerful duo will evolve during the residency.



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