Mieux by Oliver Hofmann
Mieux (c) Oliver Hofmann


Genre(s): Electronic
From: Vienna, Austria
Label: mieuxmusic.com
Booking: max@konvoi.at
Contact: mieuxmusic@gmail.com
Website: mieuxmusic.com/



Check band website for international concerts.


Mieux is what happens when two of Austria’s most forward thinking producers leave the analytic mode out of the equation.

Starting out as a fun project dedicated to the tweaking of r’n’b and rap classics, Mieux soon discovered that they’d distilled a formula rarely found in Austria’s musical landscape. Whilst their Debut EP “Neufant” still showcases a level of thought-through arrangement skills and advanced musicianship, it just doesn’t allow the head to take the steering wheel at any time.

While they’ve been releasing music on a free to download basis throughout 2014, they’ve put up an impressive live show. Glockenspiel, MPC, kraftwerk-y drum-pads and synths add to their tunes, making it an all around joyride for ears and eyes, insofar that you can actually comprehend what they are doing. Google Boiler Room “Mieux“ to get a glimpse of the basic version, which since has been ever expanding in size and sound. Their EP „Are You Happy“ received world wide praise from the likes of Lefto, Gilles Peterson, testpressing.org and many many more.


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