MILLYCENT by Maria Otter
MILLYCENT (c) Maria Otter


Genre(s): Hip Hop, Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria



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MILLYCENT is about to shoot up into the sky of the funkyversum. She decided overnight to become the Queen of Mumble-Rap. Asked why, she’ll answer: “Cuz I’m dancing on the inside. Beat & Mumble are my volcano’s lava!”

This solo project combines bits of old disco hits with new lyrics, rearranged beats and unexpected harmonies. Milly Grozs’ improvisation on the common grounds of evergreens drift into comedy, the absurd, or free tonality. Her joy in combining free improvisation, jazz and disco pop, macho lyrics of the 60s and feminist positions, hip hop, swing and weird sounds makes the Millycent-concerts an experience for all kinds of audiences.


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