Olympique (c) Matthias Heschl
Olympique (c) Matthias Heschl


The trio Olympique has a very distinctive musical vision and transmits this via impressive, powerful and above all wonderfully timeless songs. Fabian Woschnagg, Leo Scheichenost and Nino Ebner, the three heads behind this Salzburg formation, truly understand how to draw on grand gestures of indie-rock, without falling into the trap of clichéd pathos. The vocal performance of the charismatic frontman Fabian Woschnagg is particularly outstanding, with his rough but soulful voice that turns each song into an enchanting and spell-binding listening experience.

With their music, Olympique have definitely set their mark as serious contenders in the music scene. It does not take a prophet to predict that this band has what it takes to succeed on a large scale.



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