Orwa Saleh Ensemble

Orwa Saleh ENSEMBLE (c) Jennifer Vass
Orwa Saleh ENSEMBLE (c) Jennifer Vass


The fact that the oud, a typical Syrian instrument, can be excellently used in jazz is something that one would not think of at first glance when considering this folkloric instrument. The Syrian oud virtuoso Orwa Saleh proves the opposite: the dark tones of the oud blend with the elegant voice of Basma Jabr, who tells stories from Syria, while Mahan Mirarab evokes Persian spirits with his guitar. Everything is brought into harmony by drummer Sebastian Simsa, accompanied by the beautiful sound of Judith Ferstl’s bass. Thus the ensemble weaves a wonderful jazzy-oriental and even rocky carpet of sound. Here, almost masterfully, elements of Sufi music are combined with influences of contemporary (jazz and rock) music in Europe.

The mixture of Arabic, Turkish, Persian and European elements gives the music a multi-layered identity in which the oriental soul walks with western jazz and rock elements.


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