Covershot Paradise Ltd by wilderness studios
Paradise Ltd (c) wilderness studios


Dystopian soundscapes, ruins of another time and monotonous urban hell – This is where the path ends for Florian and Felix. Wild Culture is history. Though for a long time it was unclear what kind of history, the path to the future is now unwinding. Destination: Paradise.

It begins with an ordinary floppy disk – a relic of days gone by and a reminder of what‘s possible. Through a groundbreaking discovery, the two have found the gateway to a cosmos of infinite possibilities: Future (pop) Space. On their long quest for maximum freedom and artistic advancement, they are roaming through neon-colored synthwave soundscapes, becoming one with digital arcade game dreams, diving into subatomic bass oceans and getting power-ups from arguably one of the most glorious generations in music history – the eighties. Florian and Felix’s new identity as Paradise Ltd. emerges from their wanderings, which sometimes run ‘off’ beat. An amalgam of nostalgia, futuristic pop chords and esoteric underground beats.

The one-dimensional world in which the two were trapped is now unfolding into a multidimensional space with limitless possibilities. So set a save point before there is no turning back.


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