Peter Zirbs

Peter Zirbs by Tim Cavadini
Peter Zirbs (c) Tim Cavadini


Genre(s): Electronic
From: Vienna, Austria



On his internationally praised album debut “What If We Don’t Exist?” from 2018, Zirbs still pursued the big question of whether we exist at all. Zirbs’ musical mixture of futuristic synth-pop, graceful ambient and minimal music even prompted an American music critic to compare it with David Bowie’s legendary album Low.

Already on Peter Zirbs’ previous releases there are numerous, often experimental instrumental compositions. With a new fully instrumental four track EP “Splinters”, electronic producer Peter Zirbs gives more space to this artistic side and underlines his musical versatility.

As part of the Viennese techno scene of the 1990s, multi-instrumentalist Peter Zirbs has released music under several pseudonyms and on various labels such as EMI, Automatique or Fabrique Records. He has broken down genre boundaries over the years with the variety of his output. Zirbs experimented with analog synthesizers in the scene’s infancy, and found success with his energetic and raw productions. His electronic music collective konsorten™ earned considerable airplay across the German-speaking world, he also produced for other artists and was responsible for the score of three praised short animation films (2002) by director Thomas Aigelsreiter, which were presented at over 30 film festivals worldwide. The circle closed in the year 2018. More than two decades after his first electronic releases, Peter Zirbs finally stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist with his debut album “What If We Don’t Exist?”.


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