Purple is the Color

Purple is the Color (c) Georg Buxhofer
Purple is the Color (c) Georg Buxhofer


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: contact@purpleisthecolor.com
Label: www.freifeldtontraeger.com
Booking: s.raabooking@gmail.com
Contact: contact@purpleisthecolor.com
Website: www.purpleisthecolor.com



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Jazz music of a tremendously elegant quality, the kind that does not linger in the classical realm, but rather unfolds many interesting interconnections to other styles. PURPLE IS THE COLOR sets sail to special musical shores, to shores on which the dignified sound of jazz can develop its full radiance free of conventional constraints. The aim of Simon Raab (piano), Stepán Flagar(saxophone), Martin Kocián (bass) and Michal Wierzgon (drums) is to touch the audience with their music, release deep-rooted feelings and trigger emotions. Purple is the Color have been selected as NASOM “New Austrian Sound of Music” act 2020-21.

An elegant and captivating kind of jazz. That is precisely what the Czech-Austrian quartet PURPLE IS THE COLOR have served up on their debut album “Unmasked” (Freifeld Tonträger).


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Purple is the Color (c) Georg Buxhofer

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