Richard Dorfmeister

Richard Dorfmeister © Michael Wagner
Richard Dorfmeister © Michael Wagner


In the world of electronic music Richard Dorfmeister has left countless traces. Since the mid 1990s,  the Vienna born artist, flute player, producer and DJ has released classic tracks and remixes with his co-partner Peter Kruder as Kruder and Dorfmeister. Records by Kruder and Dorfmeister such as the “G-Stoned EP” (on their own G-Stone Label, 1994), as well as the seminal “DJ Kicks” mix-compilation for K7! (1996), and the “K & D Sessions” remix compilation (1998) are considered timeless masterpieces. Both „DJ Kicks“ and the „K& D Sessions“ have been bestsellers with each having sold more than one million copies. On the musical side, the magic Kruder and Dorfmeister sound has not faded since.

The same attributes to Dorfmeisters Tosca project, which he initiated together with classic composer Rupert Huber. The two former class mates already played together in a band during school days. In 1995 they teamed up  again and went electronic. The Tosca debut release “Chocolate Elvis” became an instant DJ hit with its laid back and jazzy vibe and a scat singer chanting on a „Chocolate Elvis“. The ensuing “Opera” album (1997) was released to much acclaim, adding up to Dorfmeisters internationally high-ranking name which stood for an electronic music sound with a very special organic touch. In between Kruder and Dorfmeister world tours and remix jobs, Tosca continously released singles such as „Fuck Dub“ accompanied by breathtaking remix editions which always featured the current hot tickets in the remix scene. Following “Opera”, Tosca released various acclaimed albums such as “Suzuki” (2000), “J.A.C” (2003), or “No Hassle” (2005), all on G-Stone, each release pushing the boundaries for electronic music beyond it´s known confines. Tosca eventually also became a proper live act, which led to various live shows with Dorfmeister and Huber performing their music on instruments.

As if not being the busiest DJ and producer already, Richard Dorfmeister started to rub musical shoulders with Viennese duo Madrid De Los Austrias in the early 00s, and released more dance oriented house music tracks, which mirrored the club savvy side of the long time DJ extraordinaire. With the Madrid De Los Austrias collaboration, he went full on dancefloor, which contrasted the laid back music he released with Tosca or Peter Kruder. As „Richard Dorfmeister feat. Madrid De Los Austrias“, he released a handful of singles and various remixes for Willie Bobo, Koop and Pressure Drop. These club oriented releases soon made him a household name as a solo DJ in the world´s club scene. His eclectic and instant party guaranteeing DJ sets led to countless DJ bookings around the globe.

In 2010, Dorfmeister reunited with Peter Kruder for a live show performance of the „K & D Sessions“ which included visuals by long time G-Stone VJ collaborator Fritz Fitzke and MC performances by Earl Zinger and MC Ras T-Weed. With performances at The Big Chill, Sonar Festival and numerous other high profile festivals, the „K&D Sessions Live“ show  became an instant success with an ensuing world tour. Lately, Richard Dorfmeister also added MC Ras T-Weed to his solo DJ sets for a new DJ / MC show collaboration.

By 2013 Dorfmeister focused  more on the Tosca project – a string of albums and remix projects were released (“Odeon“, “Tlapa-the odeon remixes“(2013), “Outta here“(2014), “Shopsca-the outta here mixes“(2015), “GoingGoingGoing“ (2017), “Boomboomboom – the GoingGoingGoing remixes“ (2018). The Tosca live show went on tour worldwide and featured the vocal performances of Rob Gallagher and Cath Coffey (stereo mc`s).

The Kruder & Dorfmeister partnership was re-activated in 2017 and was followed by a worldwide tour in 2018 –“ the  K&D 25 years anniversary session“ – celebrating 25 years of g-stoned sounds.


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