Rojin Sharafi

Rojin Sharafi (c) Igor Ripak
Rojin Sharafi (c) Igor Ripak


ROJIN SHARAFI is a sound artist and composer of acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic music. Her music crosses borders of different genres and keenly grabs from many musical buckets such as noise, folk, ambient, metal, and contemporary music.

Her recent album “Urns Waiting To Be Fed” debuted in September via Zabte Sote / Opal Tapes labels and reviewed by The Quietus as “the unexpected” and “one of the most ecstatic and fiercely original hours of music”. She has performed in festivals such as SET x CTM 2018 in Tehran, and Unsafe+Sounds and Hyperreality in Vienna. In addition, her work has been presented internationally in cities like Basel, Berlin, Gent, New York City, and Washington DC. In 2019, she was invited as an artist in residence in Belgium and in 2020 she had a new residency through Space21 and Borderline Festival in Athens and Kurdistan. She was awarded the 2018 Austrian Female Composers Prize at the Wien Modern festival.


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Focus Acts 2021

Rojin Sharafi © Igor Ripak

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