RUHMER (c) Sarah-Maria Hemmerling


“I never do it right, I’m doing it wrong” … is the concise opening line of “Kill Me Now” – as a long-time drummer, changing fronts and writing songs as a one-man-band might not be the right thing to do. But gone are the times when RUHMER tries to make everything right for everyone else; after a break-up he finds himself not only homeless, but also without any sense & self – in a small shack on the beach of Calais, merely equipped with a borrowed telecaster, a cheap bass, a pen and his voice, he sets out on a search: “If I stop being me, who else would I be?” If the answer to this question is the eclectic-ironic, naive-cool “Kill Me Now”, then what an emancipated and reincarnated solo artist named RUHMER is doing now does really not sound wrong at all.

Born in a suburb of Linz (Austria) RUHMER started out as a drummer and slowly forged his own twisted path. Working as a recording engineer on film sets around the world he seemingly strolled off his track – when in 2019 his life took a sudden turn; homeless for a year, constantly on the road and being on tour as a drummer, RUHMER started working on his first musical drafts in Calais, France. RUHMER’s debut single “Kill Me Now” and the following extraordinary music video by Nous Film (ÄTNA), shot in and around Berlin, are only the first signs of life from his surprising, diverse world of sound and strong vintage imagery, in which he finds himself constantly new from now on.





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