Saint Chameleon

Saint Chameleon © Hanna Fasching
Saint Chameleon © Hanna Fasching


Genre(s): Pop
From: Styria, Austria



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The band is no longer active.
Saint Chameleon is formed of seven members from five countries: David Dresler, Kajetan Kamenjasevic, Lukas Custos, Luka Sulzer, Emiliano Sampaio, Francesco Doninelli and Thilo Seevers. It has its origins in the meeting of Lukas and Luka, in the streets of Graz in the year 2010 as Lukas was performing as an streetartist. The big interest in every kind of music by both of them makes the desicion to colaborate in a musical project very easy.

So now that the basis is made by the two of them, the rest comes pretty easy too. Since Graz is a city full of music of every kind, it is not hard to find the remaining parts. Emiliano, a jazz composer, mostly known for his “Mereneu Project”, joines the two of them as the trombone player. Kajetan and Francesco, later add bass and violin. And after some try out of several musicians the pianist Thilo and the drummer David join the formation in fall 2014.

Now soft, then harsh and rude, the instruments and voices are combined to a story about our surroundings. The lyrics range from philosophical questions that life gives to roadtrips and sailormen. And so does the music itself. Its swinging, stomping, flowing and crushing the stereotypes that people have about rockmusic.

You can hear the spirit of artists like Tom Waits, C. W. Stoneking and Django Reinhardt. But also other genres of this world of music are to find in the sound of Saint Chameleon.


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