Schallfeld Ensemble

Schallfeld (c) Wolfgang Siveri
Schallfeld (c) Wolfgang Siveri


Founded in 2013 by former students of the Performance Practice in Contemporary Music (PPCM) programme of the Klangforum Wien at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, the Schallfeld Ensemble comprises musicians from eight countries. The repertoire relies primarily on young, aspiring composers, comprising both those known to the ensemble and others yet to be discovered. The repertoire includes chamber music compositions (live electronics are an integral component), collective improvisations, and pieces which highlight gestures and rhythmic elements. The ensemble has also drawn attention to itself with expanded sound settings in which attempts are made to establish a relationship between space and sound. Also offered are pedagogical and participatory projects for children, teens, and adults.


Selected Artists for NASOM 2016/2017

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