Siamese Elephants

(c) Jonathan Panhofer


Social Club, the new song by Siamese Elephants embodies the constant urge to get up in the algorithm – yes it’s all about social media and the burden of self-presentation (Bad reputation / All is in rotation / Everybody knows about you). And in the end the emptiness and shallowness of the social space eats you up (I’m sick and tired / Everybody’s lying). The song evolves the desire for real and analogue social contacts. But in times of a pandemic the desire remains unfulfilled. As the music video shows, the only way to get the feeling of bathing in a crowd is to linger in a room full or mirrors. Social Club merges all kinds of facets of the upcoming album What happened at the Social Club?: from distorted guitars to dance floor grooves. Their debut album portrays the search for a utopian place. The songs deal with contemporary youth phenomena from social media self-staging (Social Club, Video Chat) to FOMO (Fishbowl). From pseudo individualization via trends (Few Problems) to overstimulation trough media (Coca Cola Punk). What happened at the Social Club? is no concept album in the classic sense. Siamese Elephants rather fan out their sound broadly and regularly contrast the (self-) critical and sometimes melancholy lyrics. The album carries away contemporary issues with catchy riffs and sounds which are loosely shaken out of their sleeves.

Growing up with the indie rock revival of the 2000’s, SIAMESE ELEPHANTS want to bring it back, not only to the present, but also to the future. With funkiness suitable for the dance floor as well as catchy pop melodies. The debut EP “About Astronauts” reflects the youthful euphoria of the Viennese indie rock band in its founding phase, in which they literally wanted to go to the stars. The 7 songs of the EP are full of fresh energy, partly from a time when the boys just finished school and played their very first concerts. On the other hand, one already senses where the band has developed in the meantime: thought-out songwriting, multi-facetted arrangements, pop-sensitivity.

 Currently the band is working on new music which will make their debut album in 2021. First Singles “Few Problems” and “Fishbowl” already left an impression on radio stations & music media around Europe, catapulting the band into radio charts as well. They already show which musical direction will lead the listeners into the group’s highly expected first long player.


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