Siamese Elephants

Photo of Siamese Elephants (c) Igor Djordjevic
Siamese Elephants (c) Igor Djordjevic


Having grown up with the indie-rock revival of the 2000’s, SIAMESE ELEPHANTS wants to bring it back again – and catapult it into the future with disco funkiness and catchy pop melodies. Their debut EP About Astronauts reflected the youthful euphoria of the Vienna indie-rock band in its founding phase, when the boys had just finished school and were playing their first concerts, while already foreshadowing a more mature sound marked by considered songwriting, multi-faceted arrangements and a signature pop sensibility.

If the EP was a statement of purpose, their 2o21 album What Happened at the Social Club? was the full realization of their indie-vidual concept. Their debut album portrays the search for utopia in a jungle of contemporary youth phenomena – social media self-staging (Social Club, Video Chat, FOMO (Fishbowl), pseudo-individuality (Few Problems), and media oversaturation (Coca Cola Punk). The band confronts contemporary issues with earnestness and catchy riffs – euphoria and melancholy, together at last.


“cherish the little moments” – Siamese Elephants

Photo of Siamese Elephants (c) Igor Djordjevic

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