Sinfonia de Carnaval

Sinfonia De Carnaval (c) Maria Frodl
Sinfonia De Carnaval (c) Maria Frodl


Genre(s): Jazz/Improvised Music
From: Upper Austria, Vienna, Austria



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Sinfonia De Carnaval – comprised of Anna Lang and Alois Eberl on the cello, trombone, accordion, electronics, percussion and vocals – is inspired by the expressive tonal discours of Jazz using different elements of Classical music, Rock and Funk. Sinfonia De Carnaval create a sonic universe out of the whole soundspectrum of their instruments, which is sometimes also mixed with electronic sounds.In their own compositions, such as “Sweeping Dragon” or “Man and rock”, the inner souls of hideous, beautiful, haunting, eerie, noisy, tender, loving, grumbling, dangerous, raging, good, bad, enchanting, wild or tragic figures are ignited.

In euphonious snap-shots as in “Totalen Nebelfinsternis” (EN: Total fog darkness), the “Windespfeifen in der Dämmerung” (EN: Windpipes at dawn) or the “African Suite”, the virtuoso duo inspires with a wide range of improvisations, racy grooves and wonderously ghastly dramatic.

With Sinfonia De Carnaval, the talented musicians Anna Lang and Alois Eberl present a further highlight to their extensive and diversified programs. They were nominated for the BAWAG P.S.K. Next Generation Award 2015 and were chosen as one of the five best bands in the Jazz Category for the “New Austrian Sound of Music Programm 2018/19” by the Austrian Federal Ministry. Sinfonia De Carnaval were guests in Switzerland, England, Slovakia, Turkey, Iran, Kasachstan, Croatia, France, Israel, Palestine and Germany.

They have been selected as “Focus Act 2019”.  A new album is planned for 2020.



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