Sophia Blenda

Sophia Blenda Press pic by Michael Wuermerby
Sophia Blenda (c) Michael Wuermer


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative
From: Vienna, Austria



Date City Venue Country
11. Oct. 2022 Jena Trafo Germany
Time: 8:00pm.
12. Oct. 2022 Hamburg Nachtasyl Germany
Time: 8:00pm.
13. Oct. 2022 Berlin Kantine am Berghain Germany
Time: 8:00pm.
14. Oct. 2022 Darmstadt Bedroomdisco Germany
Time: 8:00pm.
19. Oct. 2022 Dortmund Kino im U Germany
Time: 8:00pm.
20. Oct. 2022 Cologne Die Wohngemeinschaft Germany
Time: 8:00pm.
21. Oct. 2022 Reutlingen franz.K Germany
Time: 8:00pm.


Sophia Blenda is the alter ego of Sophie Löw, the 26-year-old singer/songwriter whose distinctive voice and remarkable lyrics have so far made her best known as the singer of the Viennese indie rock band Culk.

Now Löw enters the public eye as Sophia Blenda with her outstanding solo debut album “Die Neue Heiterkeit,” on which she circles the thematic complexes of fear, self-determination, violence and sisterhood. Sophia Blenda is the representative of a generation whose women feel at once courageous and resigned, cut off and seen. A generation whose fears are becoming louder and louder, but remain unheard.


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Sophia Blenda Press pic by Michael Wuermerby

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