Squalloscope (c) David Visnjic


SQUALLOSCOPE – Anna Kohlweis is an artist whose music has never been comparable with the already heard formats in pop. As the former artist Paper Bird or in her role today as Squalloscope, the native-Carinthian Anna Kohlweis never takes the route leading to mainstream sound, above all it’s her wish, but rather pursues her own path and her very own interpretation of pop music.

The artist works as a solitary force on songwriting, production, recording, artwork, and music videos and is a producer of rhymes, multi-layered choirs, field recordings, loops, vaguely sloppy beats, the intensely personal and quite possibly the slightly wacky.

Squalloscope has released an album named “Soft Invasions” and two EPs, “Desert” and “Dispenser Box” on Seayou Records. In 2017 she released her second album “Exoskeletons For Children”.



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