Square Waltz

Square Waltz (c) Birgit Weinstabl
Square Waltz (c) Birgit Weinstabl


Genre(s): World Music
From: Vienna, Austria
Booking: katrin@karall-semler.at
Contact: e_bass@mac.com
Website: www.squarewaltz.at/



Think about anything you would expect from a Vienna Waltz ensemble – and then forget it all. Square Waltz squares the triangle, pushes circles into ellipses, and transforms any pyramid into a Vienna Cathedral-shaped thingy.
Handmade music from Vienna, driven by the heartbeat of three genuinely human musicians (no machines here). The trio toys around with the rhythms of this world, spices up world-famous tunes from Austria’s imperial musical heritage, and tops it all with their original compositions and burning improvisations.
Maria Salamon: violin, composition
Hannes Laszakovits: bass, composition
Marc Bruckner: clarinet, flute, percussion, composition, and lots of other things


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