Stephie Hacker

(c) Pia Fronia


The new project of the young Viennese pianist, singer and composer Stephanie Hacker melts personal feelings with unaffected words and transparent music into a compilation of touching songs. The musician, educated in classical music and jazz, takes influences of these styles and mixes them with pop-sounds and modern grooves โ€“ and at the same time leaves much space for improvisation. But the main aspect of her music remains the song itself. In collaboration with the members of her band Andi Tausch (guit), Robert Jukic (b) and Christian Salfellner (dr) โ€“ all well-known in the national and international jazz-community โ€“ Stephanie Hacker concentrates her emotions on stage in her singing and piano playing.


Jazz in Austria – A Melting Pot of Musical Diversity

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