Studio Dan


Daniel Riegler is one of the founders of the Jazz Workshop in Vienna, from which many fantastic and notable projects and bands have been born. The 20 piece ensemble “Studio Dan” (named after the 1978 Frank Zappa release) was formed in 2005 with the intention to bring something new and even “bigger” to life, and so Riegler began to organize a band of musicians around him to suite the project. The interplay between musicians was an important and deciding factor in the overall decision making process, since Riegler was interested in having an intimate interplay between the musicians, and not just another ground of seasoned, and estranged, professionals. The band spends countless hours practicing, traveling and playing concerts and Riegler was dedicated to not following the practice of most big bands. In his own words, “It isn’t enough to just call someone and ask if they can jump in and play for the night….normally big bands fill the instrument slot with whoever can play that night, and I wanted to get away from that tradition, even if it isn’t always possible to prevent it.”

The band continues to develop, challenge and create new music which defies any categorization, and they spread their sound through a variety of concert settings, workshops, composition contests, children’s concerts, and experimentation with new concepts of presentation over the internet and in real life. One pioneering project was the formation of a five concert series in which a variety of the different facets and projects of the collective were presented in Porgy & Bess (Vienna) and in the “Theater an Ortweisnplatz” in Graz. Similiraly the band was “Ensemble in Residence” during 2008 in Porgy & Bess in Vienna, where the breadth of diversity was showcased in a monthly concert series.


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