Susanna Gartmayer

(c) Lisbeth Kovacic


Genre(s): Contemporary Music
From: Vienna, Austria



Composer/improviser/performer; bass clarinet/contra alto clarinet/alto saxophone

She works in the fields of “multi-ideomatic“ improvisation, experimental rock, contemporary music and multi-media sound research.
Susanna Gartmayer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Glasgow School of Arts and was self-taught in saxophone, bass clarinet, composition and harmonics. Susanna Gartmayer is part of many ensembles for organized and improvised music, such as broken.heart.collector, möström, The Vegetable Orchestra, Möström, Bödenauer/Gartmayer Duo, Orchester 33 1/3, among others). Since 2015, she has organized the weekly “Monday Improvisers Session” with musicians Didi Kern and Thomas Berghammer.


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