Tents © Anna Breit
Tents © Anna Breit


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: max@konvoi.at

Label: numavi.bandcamp.com/
Booking: max@konvoi.at
Contact: contact.tents@gmail.com



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Starting out with a string of well received shows in Austria, indie/post-punk band TENTS recorded an assembly of old and new songs with Mario Zangl (Mile Me Deaf, Melt Downer) in Combinesch Studio, Graz. Their first release “Under My Wings” (2016, Numavi Records) is compiled of six sparingly arranged songs – partly carried by organ textures and partly cut by post punk guitars. Repetitive drums and bass complement the voice, which follows form and sound and is orbiting minimal collages of text.

Scenesters and the press quickly got excited about TENTS and their unique musical style. Media like Radio FM4, Wiener Zeitung, or Tracker Magazine released enthusiastic features about the band and they were featured on Siluh Records´ compilation “Aber der Sound ist gut” (2016). The Gap named them a „talent to watch“ – besides artists like Mavi Phoenix, MOTSA or Leyya. In May 2018 they released their first full-length album “Stars On The GPS Sky” (Numavi Records) on LP, CD and cassette. Following the release, Tents showcased at the renowned Reeperbahn Festival in September 2018, the Monkey Week in Sevilla (ES) and at Ment Ljubljana 2019.


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