The Weight

The Weight, Bandfoto © Jasmin Elmi
The Weight, Bandfoto © Jasmin Elmi


The Weight have lost their hearts to 1960s and 70s rock, and it’s obvious at all of their shows. They give themselves up to the music. They flood the audience with their sound and come across just like the rock legends they admire. The band has been around for over four years and they already have a shining reputation. They might not have released their debut yet, but thanks to the help of an EP and some sensational concerts the band has been drowning in good reviews even before the release of the album.

Although three of the guys actually come from Vorarlberg, their studies took them to the Austrian capital. In Vienna they met the guitarist Michael Böbel who is still a part of the band today. In 2014 they released their EP “Keep Turning” and that set the ball in motion. With nostalgic references to Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Deep Purple, independent organ-draped guitar riffs, and thrashing drums, The Weight rocked their way into the hearts of their audience. While the four make their way across the stages of Germany, the rest of us can listen to the limited deluxe edition of “Keep Turning” with seven added live tracks as we wait for the release of their album.



The Weight (c) Jasmin Elmi

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