Thomas Gansch

(c) Maria Frodl


THOMAS GANSCH is a musical madman in the most positive sense, an artist with a vast field of activities, an instrumentalist who always seeks new challenges and whose trademark is the openness to almost all musical forms, a musician who strives to create his own artistic freedom and has long established himself with his various projects beyond Austrian borders. The musical career of the trumpeter Thomas Gansch, who was born in 1975 in St. Pölten, has ultimately led him from brass music to jazz, whilst always avoiding blinkered thinking or the likes of it in his work. This makes him one of the most creative and innovative musicians of the young local jazz scene. No matter in what context, whether as a duo, in an ensemble or a large format, the Lower Austrian has always been able to enhance his performances with his own special virtuosic note and incredibly versatile touch.

The winner of numerous awards (such as the Hans Koller Jazz Award for “Newcomer of the Year” in 2002) always presents himself as an artist who is a step ahead of his time. Thomas Gansch is an instrumentalist, who primarily feels at home at the interfaces between the contemporary genres of music. No matter whether in jazz, improvisation, classical or world music, it is evident that he a firm virtuosic grasp on every genre. With the ability to always reinvent his own style and music, to lift it to the next artistic level, we may assume that we will be hearing a lot more from this extraordinary trumpet player in the future.



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