Thorsteinn Einarsson

Thorsteinn Einarsson © Andreas Jakwerth


Genre(s): Pop
From: Salzburg, Austria



Singer-songwriter Thorsteinn Einarsson can already look back on very significant achievements. In 2015 he won an Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the category „Songwriter of the year“ for his first hit single “Leya”. His debut album „1;“ (one continued) instantly reached #6 on the Austrian album charts. The singles from this album were streamed more than 7 million times, reached over 2 million views on Youtube and were played over 15.000 times on Austrian radios. Thorsteinn Einarsson is announced to perform at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019.

With Genesis“, the 2nd single of Thorsteinn Einarsson’s much anticipated sophomore album “Ingi” is released. New grounds are broken, which definitely lead in the right direction. “Genesis” is an empathetic track about an encounter. An encounter, which in this case leaded to a wonderful, musical result:
Some months ago, the young musician spent some time in Nashville in order to improve his songwriting. After a long and hard day of work in the studio, just there, in music city, he decided to drop by in a bar. “In this bar I met a girl. Her name was Genesis. The name simply fascinated me. A fortunate meeting! In retrospective one could say that it was a songwriting-flirt.”
In the meantime, we know that most songs from the native Iclandic are based on personal experiences. Accordingly, he brought this short live episode down to paper and presented it to his co-writer Billy Austen the next day. They worked on composition and lyrics. The result was a song, which surprises through Thorsteinn Einarsson’s head voice and once again underlines the unbelievable variability of this artist.“I write from song to song. Each song stands for itself. As a result a variety of songs develop and you don’t get the feeling that everything sounds similar.”


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