Toby Whyle

(c) Irina Gavrich


Writing songs has always been quite natural and ever-present in Toby Whyle’s life. And he’s written plenty of them over the last decade. However, what’s new is the realisation that songwriting is one of his few means to slow down the bright and fast-paced world surrounding us. Driven by the urge to create and develop something new, he started to write again. And suddenly, this feeling of being able to pause time came out more intense and immediate than ever.

In this way, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist manages to stand back from the constant rush, carving out space to move freely at his own pace. “​Each song is an empty room, and I can decide for myself how I’m going to furnish it. It might get rather chaotic with stuff piled up to the ceiling, then again there’s almost nothing in it​”, he describes his approach to songwriting. For him, creating melodies, crafting music and lyrics is not just a means of reflecting on situations he finds himself in but also a tool of handling them. Toby’s music strives to affect and inspire people in all the different phases in life, as his songs are also a result of the diverse situations he’s gone through.

Aesthetics and craftsmanship play a crucial role in Toby Whyle’s creative process, from crafting songs, recording and producing them, and building and maintaining a particular visual language. He aims to create high-quality and exceptional music that enthuses and delights people, which sparks energy and conveys a certain feeling.


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