Turumtay Zaric

(c) Ugur Atay


TURUMTAY ZARIC- two cosmopolitans with Turkish and Serbian roots, Efe Turumtay and Nikola Zarić live in Vienna. From there they are touring Austria and all around the globe: Argentina, Japan, Bulgaria,Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Scotland and others. To them the album’s titel “VIA” is not only to be understood as a spatial and physical path, but also as an inner development between them as musicians. To embark upon this path by all means was worth it in many ways.

In another’s words: Harald Tautscher calls them music alchemists who ennoble everything they get a hold of. Turumtay and Zarić play in their own league. In their calm and sometimes melancholy compositions he spots the European equivalent of blues and feels reminded of the delicate touch of Rimski-Korsakoff, Dino Saluzzi or Hänschen Weiss. He sees “VIA” as a timeless work of art with the power of making you feel good.


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