UCHE YARA by Mala Kolumna
UCHE YARA (c) Mala Kolumna


The moment has arrived for the world to discover the powerhouse that is UCHE YARA – the young, exceptionally talented singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with an unforgettable live stage presence. Despite not having released any music, she has made a deep impression with her live shows, opening for major acts like Bilderbuch, Parcels and Marc Rebillet. With her 4- piece band, she’s played at iconic venues and festivals, delivering a remarkably wide range of genres from psychedelic rock to tango, R&B groove, and so much more. Her music, voice, playing and persona exude power, depth and high energy, and experiencing her on stage is undeniably mesmerising.

In 2023, UCHE YARA has a packed schedule of shows and festivals throughout Europe.


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