Waldeck (c) Ditz Fejer
Waldeck (c) Ditz Fejer


Genre(s): Electronic
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: office@dopenoir.com
Label: www.dopenoir.com/
Booking: office@dopenoir.com
Website: www.waldeck.at/



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Klaus Waldeck, usually known by his stage name of Waldeck, is a Viennese former copyright lawyer and electronica musician. Klaus Waldeck’s musical career began in Vienna, Austria. After his decision to leave law completely he moved (along with all of his electronic music equipment) to England in 1992. While in London, he met his vocal counterparts, former Incognito and Moby singer Joy Malcolm and Brian Amos, who worked on projects such as Pressure Drop. In 1996, Waldeck returned to Vienna, Austria, and produced the Northern Lights EP, quickly gaining international attention through its biggest hit, Aquarius. A successful full length album, “Balance of The Force”, followed in 1998. Later that year, “Balance of the Force – Remixed” was released.

Waldeck has produced a multitude of albums while still in Austria. Many of them are out of print and have become very scarce. The out of print albums include “The Night Garden Reflowered”, Balance of the Force, Balance of the force Remixed, “Northern lights”, and “This Isn’t Maybe”. In 2001 Waldeck founded his own record label Dope Noir Records. Together with singer Valérie Sajdik, Waldeck also formed the group Saint Privat in 2004. Their first album “Riviera” was released in 2004, followed by „Superflu” in 2006. In 2007, Waldeck released the highly successful “Ballroom Stories” on which he’s featuring for the first time Austrian singer Zeebee. It is considered to be one of the most influental albums, and indeed was some kind of a prototype of the Electro Swing movement. In 2009 Waldeck produced Zeebees solo album “Be my Sailor”. After a long break Waldeck released his Weatherman EP in 2015, which shifted the focus from Electro Swing to more Western-influenced music.

Finally in 2016 Waldeck has released his album “Gran Paradiso” (featuring La Heidi on some tracks) which Waldeck likes to label as “Spaghetti & Western” production. Gran Paradiso is a hommage to the legendary sound of Italo-westernmovies shot in the famous Cinecittà, – it also dwells on those sentimental moods of the famous italian canzone reflecting the time when the style of post war italy became fashionable all over the world – but always keeps the ironic distance. After releasing a couple of EPs and singles in 2018, his long awaited successor to “Ballroom Stories” “Atlantic Ballroom” (featuring his new singer Patrizia Ferrara) was released in October 2018, instantly gaining massive critical applause.

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Waldeck © Ditz Fejer

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