(c) Tim Cavadini


Genre(s): Indie/Alternative, Pop
From: Vienna, Austria
Management: office@offtherecord.world
Label: www.universalmusic.com
Booking: office@offtherecord.world



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The amazing dream pop of four Viennese siblings is called: Wallners
Had they not grown up under one roof, the four Wallners, Nino, Max and the twins Anna and Laurenz, would never have ended up in a band; so they tell us with a laugh. Daft Punk as their favourite band is about the only thing they can agree on -and they are already working on tracks that would make the two French electronics legends dance. At the moment though, the music of the newcomers Wallners is much more reminiscent of the soundtrack to a daydream, which entices you into mystical parallel worlds and that lets feelings set the pace, especiallythe feeling of longing. Wallners evoke the gentle, seductive sounds of Rhye, the heartbreak of a James Blake and a Lana Del Rey in the way they work and remind us of two other siblings that are on everyone’s lips: Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas. Due to their closeness and familiarity Wallners also don’t have to discuss much with each other; they understand each other blindly and produce at home.

But the four Wallner siblings do have something in common: they are all great tinkerers & creative minds who work on individual songs for up to a year -not so much by adding layer to layer, butquite the contrary, by exposing the core of the songs. It is a music of reduction, of condensed, substantial minimalism. Carried by Anna Wallner’s hypnotic voice, Wallners prove that tenderness and force don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The songs envelop the listeners, who immediately get carried away by the arrangements, just like with a lullaby. The Wallners are excited to present their amazingly dreamlike music to the world. Their first EP is called “Prolog 1” and is out now, on Universal Music Austria.


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