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Wild Culture
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The Austrian producer duo Wild Culture can already look back on years of musical development, successful international collaborations, DJ performances all over the world, over 50M streams across all platforms and airplay success in GSA. Now they are making a statement with a new sound and concept, breaking the genre boundaries of electronic pop.

Inspired by the completion of their lifelong dream – building and engineering the Wilderness Studios, a creative space for musicians from all over the world, located in the middle of the Alps – Felix Brunhuber & Florian Fellier initiate the next phase of their musical work.

With Lost Files ° 2, another drawer is opened in the life of Wild Culture and so it is seamlessly linked to the successful start of Lost Files ° 1. The duo surprises with strong voices, new electronic sounds and catchy guitar riffs. Their new electro-pop-heavy single, Think About It (March 2021), offers listeners a positive and upbeat acoustic experience with emotional depth. The track encapsulates the feeling of waking up in a haze after a ‘wild’ night. You certainly don’t remember everything, yet you can’t stop thinking about someone.


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