Muthspiel, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Muthspiel © Laura Pleifer
Wolfgang Muthspiel © Laura Pleifer


Wolfgang Muthspiel is a musician who thrives in exploring new musical boundaries. For him, musical borders are there to be exceeded. No matter in what formation or context, the Styrian musician, born in 1965, always manages to create a highly individual musical language with his distinctive, stylistically extremely complex performance, which aligns technical brilliance and complexity with profound musical elegance.

Instead of clinging to traditional jazz standards, the award-winning guitarist and composer (among many other awards, he won the 1997 Hans Koller Award for Musician of the Year and was chosen as the European Jazz Musician of the Year in 2003), rather understands music as a broad field for artistic process and not as a system subdivided into individual segments. Above all, it is his openness to new things, experimentation, and the tremendous complexity, which characterizes the cross-genre work of Wolfgang Muthspiel. A glance at his many projects opens up an enormously wide range of styles and modes of performance. There are not that many musicians of his kind, who are able to master the art of strolling through various musical worlds with such spectacular ease



(c) Laura Pleier

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